The Suspense Junkie is an online magazine/blog that aims to promote everything about reading and writing. Here, I review books and help my readers decide which is a ‘must-read’. Budding writers could also learn from the lessons I’ve learnt in my journey to becoming a better writer. I would also be promoting authors, editors and book bloggers who have all shaped the creative writing world. It’s about time, reading and writing became one of the ‘cool’ things to do. I’m here to see and make it happen. You would also catch all the latest news about books and writing here ranging from new book releases to openings for book awards and their winners.

As part of growing a dedicated reading community, through  the ‘Add a review’ column, readers would be able to share their reviews of books read in whatever genre and also recommend books they would love to be read.

It’s not all work and no play, the Web Series would keep you relaxed or on the edge with a regular biweekly dose of suspense.

Asides being an avid reader and writer, I am a doctor and so the blog wouldn’t be complete without articles to help with your health. The human heart is my special part. I would help you understand it and nurture it in good health.


Let’s all get to reading and writing! Nothing beats the thrill of being trapped in an imaginary world that’s fueled by adrenaline. Suspense gives life to fiction. Together, let’s make this work and see it in ‘print’ someday. I have a dream!


The Suspense Junkie