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After Anna is my third read by Lisa Scottoline. The first book I read was Every Fifteen Minutes and when I was done, I knew I was never going to stop reading her books.

After Anna was published last year. The blurb totally sold the story to me. It revealed so much about the story and when a blurb does this, you’d be shocked at what it actually didn’t reveal. I started the book casually and finished it in two days. The suspense took a different turn here. The story was back dated. Lisa started with the ‘now’, got to ‘before’ and ended with ‘now’. The chronology of events was reversed. So the reader knows what’s happening presently before you get to know what actually led to the present. Complicated right?

Lisa admits this in her note at the end of the book. She said she didn’t want to keep her readers waiting for the juicy part of the story. Trust me, she nailed the writing style without killing the suspense. You think the juicy part was at the beginning? Wait till you get to the end. I just knew while reading that there had to be something up her sleeves. Something was going to surprise me at the very end. I think that’s how she likes to write considering the story in Every Fifteen Minutes.

Initially, I got tired while reading the ‘before’. It’s not easy to read a story where you already think you know what happened after sort of. I think it’s just impatience on my part. At a point, I just didn’t want to know some of the details that led to the end and I just wanted it to get to the present again. What kept propelling me to continue was the surprise I knew was waiting for me at the end. I hope I’m not rambling here…lol

after anna


After Anna tells the story of Maggie Ippoliti who is happily married to Dr. Noah Alderman. Together with his son, Caleb, they have a functional family unit until Maggie reconnects with her daughter, Anna, whom she thought she had lost forever. Both of them ignore the handwriting on the wall when she starts living with them till their once happy family becomes a shadow of its former self. The tide changes suddenly again and Anna is murdered. Noah is accused and stands trial for it. A darker truth soon emerges and Maggie is driven to unravel something more difficult to believe or imagine.

More thoughts…

Overall, I enjoyed the book. The writing style challenged me to think outside the box. Lisa did a good job with this. It’s important to keep thinking of different ways to spice up a story and keep the reader engaged and surprised. One way to do this is the writing style. I took important note of descriptions of persons. This is something I still struggle with when writing. So I’ve decided to read any description I see twice so that the method sinks into my brain. I’ll keep improving.

You should all consider adding this to your reading lists. It’s a really easy read and an interesting writing style for aspiring writers to learn. The legal aspect of the story was not boring at all. You’ll finish it in no time and ultimately you will be satisfied with the end of the story. I feared I won’t like the ending but I was over joyed. So get yours!

after anna

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