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Charming twins, Ian and Ryan are eligible bachelors with thriving IT careers.  Their younger twin siblings, Ethan and Ella are another set of peas in a pod whose looks are as charming they are. Born just one year apart, they are inseparable and all in their late twenties, having the best time of their lives, making money and enjoying romantic relationships.

Life is as alluring as it can be until one of their significant others turns up dead in unexplainable circumstances. At first, it’s swept under the carpet as just one of those things which life throws at people. They recover from their grief and move on. But then, another one dies and others follow suit at different times. These events plunge their beautiful lives into a mire of confusion and disorder. Their reputations are on the line and the families of the deceased are not about to let sleeping dogs lie. Now they must unravel the mystery and prove their innocence or watch their worlds crumble to pieces.

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