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Hiya everyone. I couldn’t just wait to share my thoughts on this book with you guys. I’m yet to get over the excitement.

I was reeling with admiration when I finally got to the last page of the book. First of all, let me mail a short prayer to heaven.

My dear Father, I want to be the best. I want to learn from the best. I want you to make me the best version of myself. Sharpen my intellect. Amen.

Chigozie Obioma is officially my Nigerian ‘Ted Dekker’. Without mincing words, this is the best novel written by a Nigerian that I have read. Right from the first page till the very end, my brain kept on echoing the words, I’m impressed. His mastery of word play and creativity is totally on a different level. This isn’t just the regular writing. This was painstakingly done to serve the best creative juice and indeed, it is.

I started this book with no expectations other than to learn one or two things from a Man Booker nominee. It didn’t strike me as my kind of edgy and heart thumping suspense, but I bought it anyway. I’m on a journey to that place where I can be referred to as one of the game changers in fiction writing and so, my eyes must be ready to devour anything relevant enough to get me there.

So, The Fishermen surpassed my expectations. The number of new words I learnt beat my imagination. The writing wasn’t regular. It was like almost every sentence had a creative spice. I normally read fast but here I had to make a conscious effort to read slowly and lick every damn spice I could see. Sometimes, I had to read some sentences or phrases again and again just to ensure it registered.

The Fishermen tells the tragic story of young brothers whose lives became spun around one mad man’s prophecy. The suspense was subtle and calm. The story was gripping and touching. The writing evoked vivid pictures in my head. The descriptions were clear and precise. I got a fair dose of humor and also felt some nostalgia, when I read some of the pranks and habits of the boys. The flow was excellent. The writer’s use of flashbacks showed a mastery of the art of storytelling cum writing.

I really enjoyed his book and I recommend it for any aspiring writer. It’s a beautiful story told in the best way ever. What else can one expect from a Professor of Literature and Creative Writing? Certainly, I can’t wait to read another work of his.


Get your copy and devour each word!



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